Hi everyone! 

I'm Sofia the founder of Cienti The Label. 

Cienti is a responsible clothing brand that embodies youth, femininity, and playful simplicity. Every piece has been created to celebrate you, the wearer. 

Fresh out of high school, I began testing the market straightaway. In 2021 I designed, sewed, and sold over 100 pieces which at the core adopted sustainability to align with both my personal and business values. A made to order system allowed for strategic production quantities resulting in a waste-free, conscious business. 

Mistakes have certainly been made, plenty of them.. but following market research and learning more about the industry, I am so excited to announce the launch of my new Spring/Summer 23 collection. 

I wanted this collection to echo modern designs and highlight feminine silhouettes with features to flatter and fit the wearer. SS23 is a capsule collection with a limited production run so your piece will forever conserve its exclusivity. 

There is truely so much hard work and investment behind this collection that was created with the ultimate purpose to make the wearer feel beautiful and confident.

I invite you all to browse the new collection and if you have any feedback it would be so appreciated and genuinely taken onboard, send us a message!

Sofia x